pinkurii whispered:
never never NEVER change your theme, is very perfect!! I LOVEEE <3

Aw don’t worry I don’t think I will anytime soon, but thank you very much! ♥

Anonymous whispered:
is this blog a sideblog ^^

yes it is! ;w;

Tsukiyomi Ikuto by (x)

fraisyaway whispered:
This blog is the best magnificent, Tumblr whom I have never seen!The graphics and surprising, continuous so, I adore! *-*

Aww thank you so much! <333

Anonymous whispered:
heeey *-* where did you downloaded shugo chara? I would like to know if it's possible >//< ~ especially from this /post/56826730013 since I couldn't find one that have these same colored lines according to the characters's colors >////< and sorry, my english is really bad >///< thank you so much!!

Oh that’s because I added the subs myself! But I dowloaded the torrent for Shugo Chara Doki from here

thatsitif whispered:
OMG! This tumblr is perfect! I really love Ikuto *u*

Thank you so much! Glad you like it, better things will come soon ;))))

I've decided your blog is absolutely one of the best blogs I've seen I love it!!!!!!!!!!! >-<

wooow thank you so much!!!! i apologize for the lack of updates but i promise it’ll get better this year, thanks a lot!!!!! ;3;

atlover097 whispered:
I just started to follow this account, & I fell in love completely! 💙✌️ May I save a few photos please? 😊

Thank you! and yes you can but please just save them for your personal use, don’t repost/distribute them here or in other sites, thank you in advance!

mangomut whispered:
Merry Christmas <3

Merry Christmas for you and everyone too! Thank you! ; 3 ;

Ikuto is taking none of your shit today.

Anonymous whispered:
is the real owner of this acc taken?

umm i’m afraid i don’t understand your question???